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Mission Grant Resources

Rejoice and be glad!

So excited to share that we have completed another mission grant!

Upbring, the new LSSS was recently sent $10,000! This brings the total they have received to $20,000!

These monies are to be used to fund spiritual care activities for children in foster care, treatment centers and emergency shelters.

Heavenly Father, You know all of Your children with such detail that even the hairs of our head are numbered. Through the ministry of Lutheran Social Services of the South, comfort children who have been abused and abandoned so that they would know the depth of grace that You have for them. Through Your Word, assure them that absolutely nothing can separate them from Your great love shown in the cross and empty tomb of Jesus; through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. (Prayer by Rev. Tim Appel)

Mission Grant Proposals for 2016-18 are due to Texas District officers by November 1, 2015. Download the instructions and forms here.

Debbie Curry, former Vice President of Gospel Outreach, LWML, Texas District participated in a lively discussion with Pastor Dave Schultz of "Gospel challenges" in Texas. Click here to listen to the recorded broadcast (23.4MB). Your media player must support MP3 sound format.

2014 Short Term Mission Team Assistance Application

The new 2014-2016 Application for Short Term Mission Team Assistance is now available for download. As Short Term Mission Trips are being planned, this grant is available to aid participants with travel funds, for one-half the cost of the trip, up to $1500 per individual.

2014-2016 Mission Grants





1. Scholarships for Seminarians - Texas District
$ 50,000
$ 50,000
$ 0
2. Covenant Kids - Spiritual Care Program for Abused Children Upbring (formerly Lutheran Social Services of the South)
$ 20,000
$ 20,000
$ 0
3. Publish and Distribute the Arabic Small Catechism - Lutheran Heritage Foundation
$ 15,000
$ 15,000
$ 0
4. Ministry to Muslim Women - Disciples of the Way
$ 15,000
$ 15,000
$ 0
5. Biblically-based Character and Leadership Development for At-Risk Students and Families - LINC North Texas
$ 20,000
$ 20,000
$ 0
6. Director of Christian Education Scholarships - Concordia University Texas
$ 24,000
$ 24000
$ 0
7. Short-term Mission Team Financial Assistance - LWML Texas District
$ 9,000
$ 4,078
$ 4,922
8. Reaching the Heart of the City's Children, Families, and Homeless - LINC - Austin
$ 20,000
$ 15,000
$ 5,000
9. Vision for Kenya - Opening Eyes to See Jesus
$ 17,000
$ 11,000
$ 6,000
10. Hispanic Ministry - Southeast Texas
$ 7,700
$ 4,000
$ 3,700
$ 197,700
$ 178,078
$ 19,622

2012-2014 Mission Grants and Mission Grant Insiders 2010-2014 archived here.