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Vice President of Christian Life
Joy Cowan

The purpose of this office is to encourage and nurture each woman toward a more mature relationship with Christ and to identify and provide a variety of resources for spiritual life. Contact the Vice President of Christian Life by email.

Weekly Meditations and Monthly Bible Studies

The Christian Life Department is pleased to introduce a new feature on the website. Each week a meditation written by Kayla Winkler is posted on the website. In addition a monthly Bible study for individual or group use is available. Find the meditations and Bible studies HERE

LWML Sunday

LWML Sunday is traditionally observed on the first Sunday of October, but it may be celebrated at any time. Materials for LWML Sunday can be found at

Need a speaker for an LWML event?

Contact the Vice President of Christian Life by email for a current list of available speakers in the Texas district. To request a visit or presentation to your group or zone from a district officer or committee chairman, download the following form and submit to the District President: Request for District Representative Form.

Need a Bible study, devotion, retreat, litany, program, craft or another resource?

There are many Bible studies and other Christian Life materials available at Download a list of Favorite LWML Bible Studies here

Need help planning monthly programs for your LWML group?

The 2021-2023 planner, Faith Building Help for Groups and reSOURCEs for Planning Programs (download available free) can be found HERE

Christian Life Committee

Joy Cowan, Chairman
Beth Franke
Kayla Winkler

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