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Lutheran Women's Missinary League Texas District - Mite Offering Resources

It's not just the Mite Box anymore!

Looking for a way to support the LWML Texas District Mite Goal? Below are several options for members and supporters of LWML to assist in funding mission grants. For additional information on any of the offering opportunities below, you may contact the Financial Secretary at More information on mites and the mission grants they support is available at

Automated Giving

JoyfulResponse is a service provided by the Lutheran Church Extension Fund. JoyfulResponse provides both members and supporters an electronic automated mite offering resource. Offering amount and frequency is specified by the supporter. A supporter is not required to be an LCEF investor. The offerings of members will be included in their society’s contribution total. For those who are unable to attend meetings regularly or at all, JoyfulResponse provides a means of giving regularly and consistently. Online registration is available at or by contacting the Financial Secretary for the necessary forms.

Memorial and Honorarium

Wish to honor a special person or remember a loved one? All memorial and honorarium mite offerings are designated to stay with the district. The offerings designated to either the Mission Inreach or Scholarship Endowments are deposited into the respective fund. Memorial and honorarium cards and envelopes are available from the Financial Secretary.

Thrivent Choice Dollars

Are you a member of Thrivent? Consider directing your Choice Dollars as a donation to the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Texas District (search for that exact name). Visit the Thrivent website at for additional information or call 1-800-847-4836. Can’t seem to find the right webpage? You can contact the Financial Secretary and she will walk you through it.

Endowment Funds

The Texas District has two Endowment Funds with Legacy Deo. All funds contributed remain and the interest from these funds is directed to the specific purpose.

The Mission Inreach Endowment provides additional funds to assist in preparing the chosen leaders for their roles. Less operating costs means more funds for the mission grants. The Scholarship Endowment provides scholarships for women from Texas going into full-time church work fields at an LCMS university or college. More information is available by calling 1-800-880-3733.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving provides a means of including the LWML Texas District in the distribution of your earthly blessings when the Lord calls you home. These gifts can be designated to one of the endowment funds. Discuss your options with the financial representatives at Legacy Deo by phone at 1-800-880-3733 or by emailing the general inquiries box at

Additional Means

Which search engine do you utilize?  Instead of the usual ones we recognize, consider using For every search, a penny is contributed to the LWML. Earn money for mites while searching by following the simple instructions at

Shop online? LWML is listed among the many charities to receive a small percentage of your eligible purchases. Popular vendors, such as Amazon, offer this service. Please ask, especially if you order often. Follow the simple instructions at

Mite Box

And of course, the most recognizable source remains the treasured Mite Box. The Mite Box has encouraged daily offerings and prayers from the very beginning of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. These little boxes are available free for shipping costs at

At any time, offerings can simply be made by mailing a check designated as a mite offering to:

Frances Molitor
Financial Secretary
P.O. Box 820
Anderson, Texas 77830

Scholarship Endowment Fund

As LWML Texas District members, we desire to provide future funding for more women of tomorrow to receive financial support to be trained as full-time church workers (Scholarship Endowment Fund).

Download Thank Offering Information here

Ready to make a commitment?

Print a commitment form, then mail it to The Lutheran Foundation of Texas, 7900 East Highway 290, Austin, TX 78724

Click here to visit their web site.