2022–2024 Mission Grant
Description and Prayer


Bible Brigade, Lutheran Disaster Care


Mission grant check presentation between 2 people
David Ricks of Lutheran Disaster Care, Inc., is presented a mission grant payment check of $5,000 by Sandi Paniello, LWML Texas District Treasurer. 

The Bible Brigade will share God’s Word to those affected by disaster. This mission grant will be used to purchase Bibles marked with verses that comfort disaster victims and gift cards to be distributed to those impacted by disaster.

Dear Lord Jesus, You said, “So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Please use this mission grant to minister to people, who have been through a disaster, by meeting immediate physical needs and also their long-range spiritual need through the Bible they receive, thereby blessing them in body and soul. In the name of our merciful Savior. Amen.

Funded through July 2023: $12,000
Paid in Full

Mission Grant SpotlightThe Bible Brigade

tree stump with cross
Tree removal often provides an opportunity to witness for Christ. This cross is a gentle reminder of how our Creator is actually within all of His creation.
family with personal care package
A volunteer shares personal care packages with those in need near Metairie and New Orleans, Louisiana.
workers removing a tree
Tree removal is a challenging job, requiring training and safety protocols.
volunteers with gift cards and flood recovery buckets
Sharing blessings by way of gift cards, flood recovery buckets, and Bibles with those in need.
workers in trailer for disaster relief
Lutheran Disaster Care members loaded buckets for a disaster response in Louisiana in September 2021.
disaster care workers
Lutheran Disaster Care volunteers posed after finishing another sheetrock restoration. 
Volunteers resting after a day of restoration!

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