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Teens and GEMS

Start a new teen group at your church today

Process for registering a Teen LWML group in the Texas District

The sponsoring society or individual sends a Letter of Intent to their LWML District President. (Download form here.)

The LWML District President prepares and sends a welcome letter to the group sponsor. The Chairman of the Teen LWML Committee is informed and is provided with a copy of the Letter of Intent and the District President’s welcome letter.

The Teen LWML Committee Chairman makes contact with the group sponsor and organizes contact information for future communication. NOTE: Teen groups may have a name that does not include “LWML” or “GEMS”, but in order to be classified as a Teen LWML Group in the Texas District, registration is a requirement.

Requirements to form a group

Teen ladies through the age of 17 who are interested in growing in their relationship with their Lord through Bible studies, prayer, fellowship, and service. Note: High School seniors who began the school year at age 17 may continue membership until high school graduation.

A current LWML society or individual LWML member, age 21 or older, who is willing to sponsor (mentor) the group

A signed photo release form on file for all teen members. (Download form click here)


The structure of each group and how, when, and where the group meets is decided by its teen members with the approval of their sponsor (mentor).

Group organization and activities should be consistent with the purposes and practices of the LWML.

The adult sponsor (mentor) or an approved substitute must be present at each meeting or sponsored activity.

We recommend that permission slips/medical authorizations for each teen member be kept on file in case of an emergency or in the event it is necessary to contact a parent/guardian. (Download form click here)

Some thoughts from LWML Texas District Teens

"To be in God's love means to show his love through your actions and how you present yourself."

"God will be there when no one else is."

"To be in God's love means to be blessed!"

"God's love shows through your actions. You are surrounded by the love that God pours on you!"

"I think it means to use the gifts God has given us to spread His love to others."

"Do not focus on outer beauty and adorning yourself with trinkets, but allow God to work in you so that you can be a model for others by your actions and your love!"

"You are beautiful in God's love."

"I think it means I show my love for God with my actions; attitude towards life; and problems I may encounter."