How to Donate Mites

Return your filled Mite Box to your LWML group, who will mail the mites to the LWML Texas District Financial Secretary Kathy Walther. Be sure to include a group remittance form or individual member remittance form with your mailing. Note: When printing the form, please print at 100% on full page. LWML groups are encouraged to remit all mite offerings monthly. 

Send to:
LWML Texas District
Attn: Kathy Walther, Financial Secretary
PO Box 124
Giddings, TX 78942

Contact the Financial Secretary by email if you need more information. 

Donate Electronically


Please include group name, church name, and church city in the note section in order for your LWML group to receive credit for your mite donation. If it is an individual donation to mites, please note that. Please indicate if it is for something other than mites (endowments or retreat). You will receive an email receipt for your donation.

Additional Means for Donating

Looking for other ways to support the LWML Texas District mite goal? Below are several options for members and supporters of LWML to assist in funding mission grants. 

To print a copy of Mite Offering Resources for distributing click HERE.

Automated Giving

JoyfulResponse® is the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) service that provides the ability for LWML to offer their members and supporters an electronic, automated method to donate mites. Offering amount and frequency is specified by the supporter. A supporter is not required to be an LCEF investor. The offerings of members will be included in their group’s contribution total. For those who are unable to attend meetings regularly or at all, JoyfulResponse® provides a means of giving regularly and consistently. Please contact the Financial Secretary for the necessary forms to ensure LWML Texas District receives your donation.

Does your employer offer a charitable giving platform like “Benevity”? If so, you may be able to designate a monthly withdrawal from your paycheck for mites, and your company may also match your donation.

Memorials and Honorariums

Wish to honor a special person or remember a loved one? Memorial and honorarium gifts can be donations to mites, Texas District mites, or endowment funds — Mission Goal, Mission Inreach or Scholarship Endowment Funds. For information on the endowments and how to donate, click here.

Please use the memorial/honorarium remittance form found here. Note: When printing the form, please print at 100% on full page. List the names of those being remembered or honored. Also include the name and address of the person to receive an acknowledgement card, if so desired.

Thrivent Choice Dollars®

Are you a member of Thrivent? Consider directing your Choice Dollars® as a donation to the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Texas District (search for that exact name and verify the address is Anderson, TX). Visit the Thrivent website at for additional information or call 800-847-4836. Can’t seem to find the right webpage? Contact the Financial Secretary and she will help.

Retirement Distributions

If you are eligible, you may make a qualified charitable donation (QCD) which counts toward meeting the required minimum distribution (RMD) for an IRA. The distribution must be paid from the IRA directly to a charity (such as the LWML Texas District). The distribution is not taxable, and no charitable deduction can be claimed on the federal tax return. Consult with your IRA administrator and your tax advisor to determine if this is a possibility for you. (This information was obtained from the Thrivent website,

Prayer for Mites

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for giving me all that I have. Bless these mites that I give back to you so that they can be used to spread the Good News of Jesus' love here and throughout the world. Amen.

About LWML Mites

  • Mite Boxes are used to collect money for missions.

  • 25% of the mite offering is sent to the national LWML for national mission goal and the remaining 75% is used for LWML Texas District mission goal (includes mission grants and work program to accomplish its mission). Our mite goal reflects both our offerings for LWML and our district.

  • Mite money is used to further God's kingdom through the mission grants selected by delegates at district and national conventions.

  • Personal mite boxes and children's mite boxes (free for shipping costs) and larger mite boxes (must be purchased) can be ordered from CPH or online at

  • Place your Mite Box wherever you can feed it: dressing table, office desk, laundry room, car, kitchen counter, etc. You might want to give a Mite Box to family members and friends.

  • For information on the history of the Mite Box please see or to get a current report on mite giving for LWML visit

Order the NEW Mite Box from LWML HERE.

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) Texas District falls under the umbrella of the LWML, a national organization, chartered by the State of Missouri. The LWML Texas District is chartered in the state of Texas and is registered with the Texas Secretary of State. LWML is a federal tax-exempt organization under IRS 501 (C)(3).

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