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LWML Texas District Mites


Mite Report through July 2019

2018-2020 District Goal  $350,900.00
Mites Received        $232,334.08
Total Mites Still Needed 


Return your filled Mite Box to your LWML society, who will mail the mites to the LWML Texas District Financial Secretary, Frances Molitor. Be sure to include a remittance form or individual member remittance form with your mailing. 

Send to:
LWML Texas District
Attn: Frances Molitor, Financial Secretary
PO Box 820
Anderson, TX. 77830

Prayer for Mites

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for giving me all that I have. Bless these mites that I give back to you so that they can be used to spread the Good News of Jesus' love here and throughout the world. Amen.

More about LWML Mites

  • Mite Boxes are used to collect money for missions.

  • 25% of the mite offering is sent to the national LWML for national mission grants, and the remaining 75% is used for LWML Texas District mission grants and inreach work program.

  • Mite money is used to further God's kingdom through the mission grants selected by delegates at district and national conventions.

  • Personal mite boxes, free for the cost of postage; children's mite boxes, and larger mite boxes may be purchased from the LWML office, 1-800-252-5965 or online at

  • Place your Mite Box wherever you can feed it: dressing table, office desk, laundry room, car, kitchen counter, etc. You mite want to give a Mite Box to family members and friends.


Looking for other ways to support the LWML Texas District Mite Goal? Below are several options for members and supporters of LWML to assist in funding mission grants. For additional information on any of the offering opportunities below, you may contact the Financial Secretary at

Automated Giving

JoyfulResponse® is a service provided by the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF). JoyfulResponse® provides both members and supporters an electronic automated mite offering resource.  Offering amount and frequency is specified by the supporter. A supporter is not required to be an LCEC investor. The offerings of members will be included in their society's contribution total.  For those who are unable to attend meetings regularly or at all, JoyfulResponse® provides a means of giving regularly and consistently.  Please contact the Financial Secretary for the necessary forms.

Memorial and Honorarium

Wish to honor a special person or remember a loved one? All memorial and honorarium mite offerings are designated to stay with the district. The offerings designated to either the Mission Inreach or Scholarship Endowments are deposited into the respective fund. Memorial and honorarium cards and envelopes are available from the Financial Secretary.

More than Mites - Direct Thrivent Choice Dollars

Are you a member of Thrivent? Consider directing your Choice Dollars as a donation to the Lutheran Women's Missionary League Texas District. Visit and click on "Get started now". During the search step, search for Lutheran Women's Missionary League Texas District (must be exact name). For additional information you may call 1-800-847-4826.  Can't seem to find the right webpage? You can contact the Financial Secretary and she will walk you through it.

Additional Means

Try these additional means to support LWML. On each website you will see how much money has been donated to LWML (and it didn’t cost any LWML member anything)! 

1) Goodsearch and Goodshop

Go to: Then choose Goodsearch, and follow the instructions below. Then use this site as your search engine and you’ll be earning a penny per search. Repeat the following process for GoodshopGive to shop and a percentage of your purchase will go to mites for LWML.

Click on “Find a cause to support” and type in LWML, select “Lutheran Womens Missionary League” with the St. Louis, Missouri, address. Continue your search or shopping. Bookmark your page in your favorites and use it each time you search or shop.

2) AmazonSmile

LWML is listed among many other charities to receive 0.5% of your “eligible” purchases. Follow these easy instructions to also support our mites:

  1. Go to: to log in to your Amazon account.

  2. Select your charity by clicking on “Your Account” in the upper right corner of the site page. (LWML is listed with the St. Louis, Missouri, address. There are many Lutheran groups listed.)

  3. Click the yellow “Select” button and begin shopping!

Once you have set this up, every time you log in to, 0.5% of your “eligible” purchases will be donated to LWML. Once each quarter the accumulated donations are transferred to the LWML’s bank account.