Bylaws and Guidelines

Structure Committee

Judy Dold, Chairman
Sharon Stoerkel
Dorcus Coulter 

Bylaws Information and Guidelines

  • Download the sample bylaws for groups (barebones) here as a PDF or Word document. 
  • Download the sample bylaws for zones (barebones) here as a PDF or Word document.
  • Visit the page for more information and the LWML Bylaws.
  • For the LWML Style Guide outlining rules for capitalization, punctuation, correct terminology, etc. go to

Do bylaws need revising?

Bylaws should be reviewed in compliance with your existing bylaws or if your operational structure or procedures have changed and are in conflict with your bylaws. At a minimum bylaws must be reviewed every five years. Articles on object, membership and parliamentary authority MUST conform to national bylaws. Zones: In addition, the article on representation at national convention must conform to national bylaws. Groups: If a group does not follow parliamentary authority, LWML allows for the exclusion of Article X on parliamentary authority. 


  • Write flexible bylaws. Be brief; use barebones bylaws as a guide (see sample barebones bylaws above).
  • Use standing rules for items that may need frequent changing, such as meeting information, ad hoc committees, convention expenses for delegates, etc.
  • Send proposed revisions to the District Structure Committee for approval prior to adoption. After adoption, notify Structure Committee Chairman (preferably by email).

QUESTIONS? Contact Judy Dold, Structure Committee Chairman by email.

To view the current LWML Texas District bylaws and standing rules, visit Resources/Bylaws.

Janet Taylor

If you have a parliamentary question Janet can be contacted by email

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