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Contact your District Officers

Also serving:

Michele Tate,
Secretary to the President

Patti Samsel,
Recording Secretary

To request a visit or presentation to your society or zone from a district officer or committee chairman, download the following form and submit to the District President:   Request for District Representative Form.

LWML Texas District Directory

If you wish to ... 

• Obtain ideas for topics, programs and Bible studies ...:
   e-mail Kelli Alsup, Vice President of Christian Life.
You can also contact Jan for more information on the Heart to Heart program.
• Learn PR how-to's, inquire about this Web site:
   e-mail Janna Atkins, Vice President of Communication.
• Borrow a video presentation of the current district LWML mission grants ... receive grant information ... submit proposals for district and/or national mission grants:
   e-mail Joy Cowan, Vice President of Gospel Outreach.
• Obtain ideas for Human Care projects (such as Lutheran World Relief projects, food for needy, stamp program, etc.) ... borrow mission-oriented and/or Heartwarmers videos:
   e-mail Gaye Lynn Krueger, Vice President of Human Care.
• Report officer changes in society and zone (providing name, address, phone, e-mail) ... receive information on starting a new society and determination of the zone for that group ... receive general membership support information, especially in leadership training:
   e-mail Nancy Beckcom , Vice President of Organizational Resources.
• Remit mite box offerings, Quarterly payments, or ANY monies for the LWML Texas District:
   e-mail Frances Molitor, Financial Secretary.
• Submit society or zone bylaws or bylaws amendments for approval ... or obtain a copy of the district bylaws ... or get help in writing bylaws:
   e-mail Patti Samsel, Structure Committee Chairman.
• Submit news items and/or photos of society and/or zone events for publication in the District News, publicize rallies, etc.:
   e-mail Janna Atkins, District News Editor.
• Order or change subscriptions to The Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly (regular and large print):
   e-mail Frances Molitor, Financial Secretary.
• Submit district or zone materials for the LWML Texas District archives ... submit history of LWML zones (or an update) ... receive help on maintaining society archives:
   e-mail Terri Wenzel, Archivist-Historian.

• Download FREE LWML materials such as The LWML Handbook, The LWML Leaders Guide, 2015-2017 reSOURCEs For Planning Programs, sketches and dramas, devotions, or subscribe to daily Mustard Seed Devotions by email, go to To purchase Mustard Seed packets, memorial cards, stationery, jewelry, etc ... receive a current catalog and order form, contact:
   The LWML Office
   3558 S. Jefferson Ave.
   St. Louis, Missouri 63118