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Teen Program at 2024 Convention

This summer the LWML Texas District Convention in Corpus Christi is the place to be for teen girls (ages 12–17). The Teen Committee headed up by Kristine Wendorf has a fun-filled and servant-minded experience planned just for them! Bring your teen to Corpus Christi with you June 13–15, 2024. Teens will get to know one another with fun, crafts, and games along with being in God’s Word with Bible studies and devotions. The teens will participate in on-site service projects where they will work side by side with women of all ages as we serve together. The girls will get to meet the Young Woman Representatives and will discover more about LWML with activities geared toward their age group and interests.

The Teen Committee has lots of fun planned! Remember to bring your swimsuit because you will have two opportunities to cool off! Thursday you will get your feet wet at a splash park and Friday you will spend 2 hours of fun at the hotel pool (indoor/outdoor pool and ping pong table)! The teen program will begin at 10 a.m. on Thursday, June 13. Teens pay a special convention registration rate of $100 (or $120 if submitted after May 7, 2024) which includes a T-shirt, snacks, Friday and Saturday breakfast, Thursday lunch, and Friday dinner. Teens should purchase Friday’s boxed lunch option when registering and bring money for any purchase they plan to make at the LWML store. An adult mentor/leader must attend the convention for every 1-4 girls registered. Join us for an awesome time of learning, serving, and fellowship!

For additional information or questions, contact Kristine Wendorf, Teen Coordinator, HERE.

Teen Program at 2022 LWML Texas District Convention

Mandy Halbert, Host Committee Teen Coordinator, and her team members, Tiffany Harmon, Michelle Heckmann, Christine Spofford, and Stefani Hobratsch, put together a wonderful program for all female teens ages 12-17 attending the district convention. Using the acronym GEMS (Girls Embracing Mission Service) teens caught a glimpse of all the activities of an LWML convention, learned a bit about LWML, and made new friends for life. While at convention, the teenagers participated in both off- and on-site service work, Bible studies, and other fun activities. During convention sessions, the young ladies had the opportunity to listen and visit with the keynote speaker, Christina Hergenrader. Christina has developed and written materials directed toward teens and young adults.

Teens with author Christina Hergenrader

Teens with President Frances

Teen LWML at convention

Some thoughts from teens at the convention:

Abba’s House was an excellent and engaging opportunity for mission service. They do great things for refugees to the United Sates, especially in this time of uncertainty. I enjoyed being Christ’s hands and feed for the short time we were there. (Grace)

The bingo game was challenging. It forced us to ask people we didn’t know if they could sign something on our bingo card. It was also competitive. We were racing against each other. But it was also fun. Sometimes I would be with someone else and if they got something signed, I would also go up to the same person and get that square signed. (Katelyn)

The tie-dye was a lot of fun and a great activity to give the teens a chance to first meet each other while doing something fun. (Reagan)

I really liked listening to Christina Hergenrader. She’s an inspiration to me. She is a Lutheran school teacher, and that’s what I want to be. She talked about shining your light and living as a child of God. (Colleen)

I liked doing art so that other people could enjoy the bookmarks when they read. And I liked making drawings and writing to people to make their day “happy” when they see the picture on their lunch bags. (Aubrey on What's Your 80? project)

I really liked being around so many other Christians and being able to study the Bible together. (Miriam)

Abby made us laugh during the boring meetings and kinda made us focus again. I thought it was cool to see the people signing during the songs so like everyone could listen. (Abigale)

Start a new teen group at your church today

Process for registering a Teen LWML group in the Texas District (GEMS)

  1. The sponsoring group or individual sends a Letter of Intent to the Vice President of Organizational Resources (VPOR) by email.  Form and instructions HERE.
  2. The VPOR notifies the LWML District President and sends a welcome letter to the group sponsor. 
  3. The Vice President of Organizational Resources makes contact with the group sponsor and organizes contact information for future communication. 

NOTE: Teen groups may have a name that does not include “LWML” or “GEMS”, but in order to be classified as a Teen LWML Group in the Texas District, registration is a requirement.

Requirements to form a group

  1. Teen ladies through the age of 17 who are interested in growing in their relationship with their Lord through Bible studies, prayer, fellowship, and service. Note: High School seniors who began the school year at age 17 may continue membership until high school graduation.
  2. A current LWML group or individual LWML member, age 21 or older, who is willing to sponsor (mentor) the group
  3. A signed photo release form on file for all teen members. (Download form click here)
  4. We recommend that permission slips/medical authorizations for each teen member be kept on file in case of an emergency or in the event it is necessary to contact a parent/guardian. (Download form click here)

It is the policy of LWML Texas District that the local sponsoring group or individual comply with the local congregation's policy on background checks. 


  1. The structure of each group and how, when, and where the group meets is decided by its' teen members with the approval of their sponsor (mentor).
  2. Group organization and activities should be consistent with the purposes and practices of the LWML.
  3. The adult sponsor (mentor) or an approved substitute must be present at each meeting or sponsored activity.
  4. Teen LWML activities are planned for district conventions and all teens are encouraged to attend. Please note an adult sponsor must attend for every four teens registered. 

For more information, contact the Vice President of Organizational Resources by email

Mite Boxes

Members of teen groups are encouraged to use a Mite Box for voluntary offerings to support the  LWML mission goal OR make their own collection container from a prepared frosting can using the Girls Embracing Mission Service Mite Wrap

History of Teen LWML

“GIRLS EMBRACING MISSION SERVICE” (GEMS) was adopted by the Teen LWML Committee of LWML Texas District at the district convention in 2014. ​

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