Pastoral Counselor

Senior Pastoral Counselor — Rev. John Heckmann (St. Paul, The Grove)
Junior Pastoral Counselor — Rev. Dustin Beck (Holy Cross, Warda)

The following documents provide information for pastors. Please contact us if we can assist you. Email Pastor Beck here. Pastor Heckmann is completing the term of Pastor Bass who took a call to Florida.

Duties of a Pastoral Counselor

Find information on the duties of a district or zone pastoral counselor from the Leader's Manual (found here). 

Church Workers in Mission

A great way for LWML to let church workers know their value is to make them feel welcomed when arriving in your district, zone, or church. Church workers also need to know they are appreciated after many years of service. There are many LWML prepared resources available at You can start by sharing the Church Workers in Mission brochure found on that page. 

Ideas for Pastor Support and Involvement

This resource includes ideas for showing support of your pastor and involving him at the local, zone or district level of LWML. These ideas are simply a "jumping off" point to use as you share God's love and serve the Lord with Gladness. Pastor appreciation cards to print can be found here

LWML Installation Services 

Resources for conducting installation services for new officers in LWML at all levels.

Installation of Officers 1
Installation of Officers 2
Installation of Officers 3
Installation Service Meditation

To view a short video Introduction to LWML click this link.

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