Vice President of Organizational Resources
Debra Heckmann

Contact the Vice President of Organizational Resources by email. The Organizational Resources Department includes the Leader Development Committee, the Structure Committee, and the Committee on Young Women. 

Delegate Certification for 2024 Convention

Your group recently completed the 2024 Annual Membership Report. The number of members reported determines the number of eligible delegates your group may send to convention and the number of Group Delegate/Alternate Certification form(s) needed. If you have any questions, please contact your zone president or Debra Heckmann. This is the letter from Debra to all local groups, with instructions for the convention.

Group Delegate/Alternate Certification Form (fillable)
Zone Delegate/Alternate Certification Form (fillable)

IMPORTANT regarding proper certification of Group Delegate(s) and Alternate Delegate(s): The Group President must sign the Group Delegate/Alternate Certification form and forward it to your zone president by May 1. You are encouraged to keep a copy of all forms. 

(Your zone president is responsible for all the group delegates in your zone. The zone president forwards the Group Delegate/Alternate Certification forms to the District Leader Development Chairman by May 15.)

All delegates must register for the convention. Registration is on the District Convention page.

Leader Development Committee

The purpose of the Leader Development Committee of the LWML Texas District is to encourage and equip women to:
• Be affirmed in their faith in the Triune God
• Grow spiritually
• Be confident in their role as a leader
• Reach their full potential in serving the Lord.

three women posing
Amy Velasquez, Debra Heckmann, and Rosie Schoenfeld

Debra Heckmann, Chairman
Amy Velasquez
Donna Wallace
Rosemary (Rosie) Schoenfeld

Membership Report Forms 

All LWML groups and individual members complete a membership form and update subscriptions to the Quarterly annually (due October 20 to their zone president). Keeping an accurate account of the district's membership is critical to planning programs, delegate representation at conventions, and determining an equitable travel fund assessment. To determine the status of your LWML group or individual members please see the Guidelines for Reporting Membership.

Group Membership Form 
Individual Membership Form
Zone Membership Form
Group President Letter from Zone President
Individual Member Letter from Zone President

For any question on membership contact the Vice President of Organizational Resources here. Please send any changes to officers, including name, address, phone number, and email.

For questions on subscriptions to the Quarterly, contact the Financial Secretary here

Information for New Groups or Individual Members

Procedure for membership as a group
Procedures for membership as an individual

LWML Resources

LWML Handbook

Program Resources such as the 2021-2023 planner, Faith Building Help for Groups 

Leadership Development contains many resources for all types of leaders.

Event Planning Resources

2023 Membership Report Information

Current District Stats (as of 12/31/23): 
Zones: 25
Groups: 189
Congregations served: 192
College campuses served: 0
Individual members: 15
Members in groups: 2412
Total membership: 2427

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