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Mission Grants

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Mission Grants for the 2022–2024 Biennium

Each mission grant button links to more information on the mission grant, a prayer, and pictures. Explore by clicking on the mission grant, then share the information with your local LWML and congregation.

Mission grant goal for 2022–2024 is $215,129 (includes mission abundance of $14,527 from the 2020–2022 biennium and $602 interest from the Mission Goal Endowment).

To view the 2022–2024 Mission Grants video, click here.

To view and print the current mite report and mission grants paid click here

Mission Grant Spotlight — As mission grants are highlighted in District News (found in the Texas Messenger section of The Lutheran Witness) a copy will be added to that mission grant's page (buttons above). Please print the articles to share with your zone, local LWML group, and church members.

Download the printable 2022–2024 mission grants paid chart (fill in amounts as the mission grants are funded) and mission grants descriptions and prayers to share with your zone, group, and church. 

Contact Vice President of Gospel Outreach Patti Samsel by email.

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