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Heart to Heart Sisters

The purpose of the Heart to Heart Sisters (H2H) program is an intentional effort to welcome and encourage multicultural women to work side-by-side with all LCMS women in the life and work of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML). The H2H Sisters Committee assists multicultural women as they motivate, equip, challenge, and provide mentoring opportunities within the LWML for women of diverse ethnic groups to serve the church, participate in the LWML, witness to the world, and grow in relationships.

The Heart to Heart Sisters Committee is Jan Brunette, H2H Sisters District Leader and committee members Joyce Williams and Senait Gonfa. 

At present there are 19 trained H2H sisters in Texas. Jan and all of the H2H Sisters are available to speak at zones, societies or churches. Jan can assist with finding a speaker . These sisters are also ready to reach out to other women in their respective areas. 

If you are interested in being trained as a H2H sister, please contact Jan Brunette or Giovanne Turincio at


In May of 2019, seven more sisters were trained in the Houston area. The training was held at Family of Faith Houston. They represented three congregations and four countries. In the past two years, there are now a total of fifteen newly trained sisters in Texas. Some comments that have been made from the sisters regarding the trainings are:

  • This meeting was so good to the soul, seeing all the different cultures put in one place. It is amazing to see that we can relate to other women from other countries.
  • I have more understanding in the purpose for the LWML in bringing other cultures together.
  • I am pledging that I will do all I can to help our LWML gain more members and participate in other activities in the future.
  • This is a great outreach and I am excited to see how God will work through me to strengthen relationships with other Heart to Heart Sisters.

Click here for some FAQs of the Heart to Heart Sisters.

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