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At the Board of Directors meeting this past February, I challenged each zone president to pursue either starting one new group or reactivating a supporting (or inactive) group in their respective zone. This challenge is not just for the zone presidents, but for all who are actively involved in LWML. To be consistent with what we know and believe as Lutherans, the intent of this goal is NOT about increasing numbers, but introducing all women in our congregations and communities to the many avenues and resources the LWML provides for spiritual renewal, opportunities to serve God by serving others, and sharing our blessings.

This challenge is not intended to be measured by human standards of success or failure. It is my encouragement for us all to be open to any possibility of what a group may look like or how it may choose to operate. It is not necessary the group operate in the traditional sense. We can stand on the sidelines and cheer them on. Take a back seat, smile, and bite the tongue when the words “no, you can’t do that” want to come out. Be wise in our choice of words. Seek the assistance of your district leaders in any questions that arise. That is part of their official duties also. It is the commitment to the mission of LWML which allows us to be blessed as Lutheran Women in Mission.

What we can measure is our own enthusiasm, our own sincere efforts, our own reliance on the Lord for guidance, and our own level of being in prayer.

There is no need to fear the LWML will lose its identity by allowing some governance modifications. LWML will always have traditions we can treasure. It is not about deviations from what we perceive to be the norm, but about planning for the future — the future of our congregations, the future of the organization we all love and serve. So, let’s get out there — be bold — be courageous — be confident through the gift of sure hope, earned for us by Christ Jesus, given freely in grace and faith.

And may our Father keep us enthused, energized, and ready to serve whenever and wherever He has need of us.

Frances Molitor,
LWML Texas District President

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