Past District Conventions

LWML Texas District 42nd Biennial Convention
June 16–18, 2022
Hyatt Regency Houston West
Houston, Texas

Bible Verse:
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness (Lamentations 3:22-23).

Key Objectives:

In a world of uncertainty, we will:
1. Know and Trust in God's faithfulness to His promises and to us
2. Rejoice in His might through worship and praise
3. Share His faithfulness and might with others 

2022 Convention Videos

Convention videos are now available on YouTube:

Opening Worship Service

Session 1: Friday Morning (Includes: Opening of the convention including greetings from President Newman, Bible Study 1 by Rev. David Bass, Humorous Interrupter Abby Goehring, and Report of the LWML by Rev. Brian Noack)

Session 2: Friday Afternoon (Includes: Keynote Speaker Christina Hergenrader, Introduction of Candidates, Legacy Deo and Endowment Presentations, Introduction of Officers and Committees, Gifts from the Heart Dedication, and Humorous Interrupter Abby Goehring)

Session 3: Friday Evening (Includes: Mites in Action Speaker, Young Woman Representatives and Teen Presentation, and Humorous Interrupter Abby Goehring)

Session 4: Saturday Morning (Includes: Bible Study 2 by Rev. Mark Moldenhauer, Keynote Speaker Christina Hergenrader, Humorous Interrupter Abby Goehring, Report of President Frances Molitor, Installation of Officers, and Sending Devotion)

Slide Shows:
YWR and Teen Slide Show
Closing Slide Show
What's Your 80? Slide Sho


Voters: 169
Non-voters: 283
Total attendance: 452
First time attendees: 116

Convention Newsletters:

Newsletter #1
Newsletter #2
Newsletter #3

Convention Offerings

Convention Offering #1: $6,849.76 for LWML Texas District — 2022–2024 Mite Goal 
Convention Offering #2: $3,469.03 for Abba’s House in Cypress, TX a home for refugees hosted by Rev. Michael and Julie Meissner and their family
Convention Offering #3: $3,172.00 for POBLO International, specifically Julie Aftab who is working in the Greater Houston area

Gifts from the Heart

Ingathering items gathered for this convention:

Gift cards: $2630
65 sets of sheets
233 pairs of children's socks and underwear
15 patriotic quilts
2592 diapers
1316 wipes
46 body lotions
9 baby quilts
178 paper towels
471 toilet paper rolls

Turning Point Ministries: Provides a variety of supportive services to help the homeless elderly re-enter productive society.

Gracewood:  Offers a home-like environment where family well-being is restored and goals are set.

Pregnancy Assistance Center/PACN North Houston: Gives a voice to the unborn by sharing the compassionate love of Christ and educating hearts and minds.

Servant Event

Thank you noted from Camp Hope:

Thank you for giving the veterans at Camp Hope the opportunity to be a part of the LWML Texas District Houston Convention servant event. We truly appreciate the time and effort the ladies have put into making the beautiful handmade quilts. I can assure you the quilts will provide more than comfort to the veteran; they will provide an emotional comfort that can take them back to their time at Camp Hope once they have graduated the program. We are grateful for these special gifts.
With gratitude,
Allison McBryde
Event Coordinator

Camp Hope recipients of quilts at servant event
Servant event participants and recipients from Camp Hope during the convention

Veterans at Camp Hope receive quilts from LWML
Veterans at Camp Hope display quilts received from convention servant event

Past LWML Texas District Presidents and Conventions

Hildegarde Bruns* 1942–1943
Convention — June 10, 1942, Austin

Erna Dorre* 1943–1945
Convention — June 10, 1943, Ft. Worth
Convention — June 8, 1944, San Antonio

Toni Kraatz* 1945–1946
Convention — June 12, 1946, Houston

Lil Kobs* 1946–1947
Convention — June 16, 1948, Vernon

Edith Rast* 1947–1950
Convention — June 14, 1950, Houston
Service of Lutheran Women

Anne Blasig* 1950–1952
Convention — June 13, 1952, Corpus Christi
All for Christ

Gladys Oswald* 1952–1956
Convention — June 15, 1954, Waco
Grow and Go
Convention — June 13–14, 1956, Brownsville
Grow in Christ

Vera Wilkinson* 1956
Virginia Tschatschula* 1956–1958

Convention — June 13–14, 1958, Waco
Magnify the Lord with Me

Lilian Kramer* 1958–1960
Convention — June 7–8, 1960, Dallas
A Pattern of Good Works

Ann Garrett* 1960–1964
Convention — June 13–14, 1962, San Antonio
Rejoice in the Lord Always
Convention — June 17–18, 1964, Odessa
Well of Life

Gladys Kaltwasser* 1964–1968
Convention — June 7–9, 1966, Corpus Christi
Be Ye Fishers of Men
Convention — June 19–20, 1968, Austin
And unto God

Amalie Long* 1968–1972
Convention — June 10–11, 1970, Ft. Worth
I Am the Light of the World
Convention — July 12–13, 1972, Amarillo
Declare His Glory on All Frontiers

Jeanne Cargile Meredith* 1972–1976
Convention — June 11–12, 1974, Beaumont
Jesus, Priceless Treasure
Convention — June 10–11, 1976, McAllen
In God We Trust

Pat Barlow 1976–1980
Convention — June 15–16, 1978, Dallas
Again I Say, Rejoice
Convention — June 12–13, 1980, Tyler
He Rose to Life

Pearl Biar* 1980–1984
Convention — June 24–25, 1982, Corpus Christi
Gather and Share in the Body of Christ
Convention — June 20–22, 1984, San Antonio
There is a River of Joy

Marcella Gaus Olivier* 1984–1988
Convention — June 18–20, 1986, Waco
Praise Him! All Heaven and Earth
Convention — June 23–24, 1988, Galveston
Anchored in Christ, Cast Your Nets!

Doris McKay* 1988–1992
Convention — June 20–22, 1990, Austin
Blossom With Love
Convention — June 19–21, 1992, Houston
Celebrate! Tell the Next Generation!

Pat Biar 1992–1996
Convention — June 15–17, 1994, Wichita Falls
Shine Like Stars
Convention — June 28–30, 1996, College Station
Rooted in Christ, Watered by the Word

Peggy Turnipseed 1996–2000
Convention — June 26–28, 1998, Corpus Christi
Set Sail. . .Filled with The Spirit
Convention — June 23–25, 2000, Waco
Bridges of Life: Faith, Forgiveness, Freedom

Eloise Kuhlmann 2000–2004
Convention — June 28–30, 2002, Midland
Enlightened to Encourage
Convention — June 23–27, 2004, Arlington
I know the plans I have for you. . .Plans to give you hope and a future

Dorothy Hunger 2004–2008
Convention — June 8–11, 2006, Beaumont
Taste and See that the Lord is Good
Convention — June 26–29, 2008, Houston
Lord, Open My Eyes

Kathy Lowman 2008–2012
Convention — June 18–20, 2010, Austin
Melody of God’s Love
Convention — June 29–July 1, 2012, College Station
Adorn Yourself with God’s Word: His Wisdom, Our Witness

Lois Teinert 2012–2016
Convention — June 20–22, 2014, Frisco
Designed to Shine
Convention — June 24–26, 2016, Lubbock
I am the Vine, You are the Branches

Debbie Curry 2016–2020
Convention — July 5–8, 2018, Waco
Filled to Overflow…serving, sharing, telling
Convention — June 20, 2020, Virtual
Christ is Our Anchor

*In the arms of Jesus

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