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Archivist-Historian Terri Wenzel

The purpose of this office is to keep a complete, up-to-date and accurate history of the LWML Texas District and to help zones and societies in preparing their histories.

Society and Zone histories

Does your society or zone have a written history or scrapbook? Many societies and zones have a scrapbook to record their histories, but pictures or program agendas do not tell the whole story. Seek out someone in your society or zone to write a history. In reading minutes and looking at scrapbooks, a story of your society or zone will unfold and make interesting reading for generations to come.

Guidelines for saving materials

1. Identify and date everything.
2. Label pictures accurately and clearly by including a piece of white paper with name(s), date, place and purpose. Do not write on back of photos unless you use a photo safe pencil. Photo safe boxes are available at most hobby or stationary stores.
3. Remove all tape, paper clips, and staples.
4. Photocopy all newspaper clippings; newsprint is very destructive to everything it touches. For copies dry toner copiers and acid free paper are best.
5. Keep materials in labeled folders in the order in which they were produced. Non-acidic file folders and/or large envelopes are best for storage.
6. If scrapbooks are used, use those with acid free pages and top loaders of polypropylene for best protection.
7. Items to retain in society files include:
  • Society Charter
  • Minutes of all meetings maintained in good order.
  • One copy of the year-end financial reports
  • Current copy of society bylaws and standing rules
  • Program folders, brochures, name tags, mementos, etc.worth keeping for future enjoyment or reference

Download the 1942-2016 LWML Texas District history here!