2022–2024 Mission Grant
Description and Prayer


Homeless to Housed, LINC Austin Outreach, Austin


This mission grant will help LINC Austin Outreach continue mobile street outreach in the Austin/Travis County area to locate and engage individuals experiencing homelessness. LINC helps navigate the homeless into housing, aids them to overcome obstacles such as attaining identifying documents, and provides basic needs.

Almighty and most merciful God, You have promised never to leave us nor forsake us but to abide with us to the end of time. Provide those who are homeless with people who, in wisdom and sympathy, will minister to them in their need, consider the road they have walked and do their best to provide hope and love, all the while pointing them to Jesus; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Funded through
August 2023: $10,000

Mission Grant Spotlight Hope for a New Beginning

LINC Austin LOGO with city skyline
LINC Austin Outreach
two people in homeless encampment at table
As part of the mobile outreach engagement, LINC staff set up triage at an encampment to meet new homeless clients in need of services.
shipping containers
The homeless often resort to living in vacant shipping containers for housing.
tent for homeless at underpass
Many homeless encampments served by the LINC mobile outreach happen at highway overpasses.
homeless encampment at underpass
Mobile outreach includes meeting clients staying in tents on a highway median.
woman smiling and waving from her apartment
LINC was able to remove obstacles for this client, helped her get her first State ID, and unlock the door to her very first apartment.
young man entering new apartment
This client was 18 years old when we met him living under a highway underpass. LINC was able to get him housed in nine weeks and into his very first apartment.
woman entering her very first apartment
Clients often battle severe mental health issues and struggle to trust caseworkers. The LINC team was able to form a special bond with this client and helped her get her first apartment in many years.
man entering door of apartment
This client never thought he would leave the streets, but after 20 years homeless, LINC stood by his side as he unlocked his apartment door. 

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