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Texas Star Zone

Texas Star Zone Officers:

Christine Spofford
President & Servant Resources
Holy Cross - Canton

Susan Wolfe
VP of Christian Life & Human Care
Zion - Dallas

Beth Stewart
Secretary & Communications
Our Savior - Rockwall

Catherine Burkhard
Treasurer & Gospel Outreach
Bethel - Dallas

Society Presidents:

Canton, Holy Cross LWML - Becky Rosson
Dallas, Bethel: Women’s Guild of Bethel - Katie Fuegel
Dallas, Bethel: LWML Outreach Society - Pat Borsics
Dallas, Zion: The LWML Daylighters - Gaby Perkowski
Dallas, Zion: The LWML Moonlighters - Susan Wolfe
Garland, Tree of Life: LWML Outreachers Society - Noreene J. Hurst
Rockwall, Our Savior: Comforters - Melinda Van
Rockwall, Our Savior LWML (M & Ms) - Beth Stewart


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